We optimize the work force through leadership training and workshops

Communication Skills ©

Effective Communication the Key to Success -   aims to promote effective communication among team members. Enable participants to recognize the different communication styles within (among) your team.  

Conflict Management©

Conflict Management Training – offers participants techniques that will facilitate the inclusion of all team members in the resolution of conflict. 

Diversity Awareness©

Diversity Awareness Training, aims to increase understanding and awareness among people in the organization. With the use of role play, visualization and case study we will discuss how to deal with day to day issues concerning with race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, educational background and more.  

Stress Peanut for Me: Strategy Stress Management©

The Stress Peanut for Me: Strategy Stress Management Training aims to equip participant to define and understand the stress and it process. Also the participant will be developing the skills to evaluate various strategies for managing stress.

Efficient Time Management©

The Efficient Time Management Workshop aims to offers the participant a series of useful tools to organize their work effectively.  Participant will be able to: Establish priorities,  accomplish what needs to be done in order that the most important task is tackled first; how to  delegate with confidence  and achieve your companies goals through teamwork.

Costumer Services ©

Costumer Service: Key to Business Success Training Participants will acquire skills that enable the identification of their customesr needs and wants, in order to provide clients with excellent service. Through the use of Total Quality Management techniques.

Team Work & Connectedness ©

Team Work & Connectedness Training aims to teach participants the difference between a workgroup and a team. We will encourage each participant to discover their role within their team; while promoting the maximization of individual values, at the service of equipment


 Mindfulness and Critical Thinking at Work©

Mindfulness and Critical Thinking at Work Training will arm participants with strategies that will promote critical thinking, in making plans and decisions based on common sense and intuitive thinking. Participants will also employ learn how to employ different strategies to achieve creative problem solving and make their ideas come across.  All this supported by the self-consciousnesses

Empowerment for Successful©

Empowerment the Key to Success,  aims to prepare the participant  in recognizing their strengths, weaknesses, assets, goals, values, so this will allow greater empowerment of his whole being, and thus can comply the demands of personal and professional environment. The participant how take this training can be capable to: development their own personals challenge plan, learn to use SWOT Analysis and proactively take steps to ensure positive sustainable results.

Ethic and Decision Making: Beyond Common Sense ©

Beyond Common Senses: the importance of Ethic in Decision Making: Through the use of case studies and panel discussions the participants will improve their understanding of business ethics concepts deeply and comprehensively, in order to help participants deal with the day to day decision process.  By the end of the training participants will be able to: Make ethical decisions, understand what personal accountabily is and differentiate among ethical parameters.

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